[wikka-community] old table and WikkaWiki

Tormod Haugen tormodh
Mon Mar 16 14:17:05 GMT 2009

Hi Patric,

I can answer your first question.

On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 14:56, Patric Hag <phag at phag.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> 2 Questions:
> i found not the correct code :-/ dor, but i think its easy problems!
> 1.Table
> I have in same article the old table code
> |=|Gruppe A|=|Gruppe B|=|Gruppe C |=|Gruppe D|=|Gruppe E|=|Gruppe F||
> || ||
> What can i do that works the new table code and the old at same
> time!

The new table markup isn't included in release, but will be in
the next release (version 1.2).

If you feel ok with using development code, then you could use the
newest version of the formatter:

You need to get:
(there are download links at the bottom) and use that instead of
formatters/wakka.php in your wikkawiki folder.

This is changing your install of WikkaWiki, so pleas keep a backup of
the file, and ask for help if you are uncomfortable with doing it



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