[wikka-community] new installation and login

Jens Giesemann jens
Fri Jun 19 19:07:01 GMT 2009

hi alex,

maybe this helps, there were similar cases with login problems some 
weeks ago:


Brian Koontz schrieb:
Kyle, the cookie paths being generated by your server are incorrect.
The path should be /wikka...for some reason, they are being set to
/cgi-system/php.cg.  I modified the cookies sent by your server to the
correct path, and I was able to register and log in successfully.

The cookie path is set within wikka.php, and depends upon
$_SERVER[SCRIPT_NAME] returning a value that reflects the base_url
that is set in wikka.config.php.  Normally, the default installation
takes care of all this for you, so if you've got some aliases set up
or have modified your .htaccess with additional rewrite rules,
you'll have to figure out what needs to be done so that your cookies
have the correct path set.  The easiest thing to do might be to modify
WIKKA_COOKIE_PATH in wikka.php directly.


Brian Koontz
Wikka Development Team
Systems Support and Random Tasking Dept.




Alexander Rust schrieb:
> Hi,
> don't know if this is my fault. to try something on my local system i make a new fresh installation of wikkawiki. all is well except that i can't login with the admin name and password.
> if i type in an unknown name or a wrong password a messege comes up.
> "Sorry, you entered the wrong password."
> in case of the right login no messege is displayed but i'm not loged in! just returning to the login page.
> tested in FF an IE.
> lg
> Alex
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