[wikka-community] Submenu Position in WikkaEdit

Alexander Rust agrust
Fri Jun 19 12:20:15 GMT 2009

if i click on this littel downarrows a submenu is shown with colored text, monospace, etc.

but this pops up on the wrong position.

if i change the code in wikkaedit.js row 800ff to

// ===== return the absolute coordinate of the specified object =====
WikkaEdit.prototype.getObjectCoords = function(obj) {
    // offsetLeft & offsetTop give coordinate of the parent object
    var x=0, y=0;
    //do {                                                       <---------------------------
        x += obj.offsetLeft;
        y += obj.offsetTop;
    //} while ((obj = obj.offsetParent) != null);      <--------------------------
    return {x:x, y:y};

the position is right. but i'm not really familiar with JS ;)

what should i do?


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