[wikka-community] WikkaWiki on MicroSQL database?

Leon Leon
Fri Jan 30 16:10:29 GMT 2009

What would it take to run WikkaWiki on a MicroSoft SQL database?

I would like to incorporate a wiki into my webstore. My store is CFwebStore
(www.PrecisionHerbs.com) which is written in Cold Fusion with a MicroSQL
database. I have done a survey of wikis and it looks like there is no wiki
that would be easy to incorporate. My current thought is to run the wiki in
parallel and share user login information between the wiki and the store.

Running the wiki and the store on the same database would be a plus because
then I could run queries that join tables from the wiki and the store.

Leon Bristow, Precision Herbs, Killbuck, Ohio
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