[wikka-community] Call for beta testers for Wikka 1.2 RC

Dario Taraborelli dartar
Mon Aug 24 08:31:11 GMT 2009

Hi Krzysztof,

a short note on top of Brian's detailed explanation. 1.2 is mostly  
based on the 1.1.X codebase.
The lang directory has not been "moved" or "deleted", but it is simply  
not available in 1.2.
The same applies to the "new directory structure" you refer to in your  
previous post.
Both will be introduced in the next major release after 1.2, once we  
have merged back 1.2 into trunk.

As to Unicode support, we will indeed abandon support for older PHP/ 
MySQL versions and we'd be happy to get more people involved in making  
the next version of Wikka UTF-8-ready (hint).


On 19 Aug 2009, at 23:33, Krzysztof Trybowski wrote:

> Oh, also where is "lang" directory moved? Or how do I include  
> translations
> and default pages in other languages?
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