[wikka-community] Help

Jens Giesemann jens
Wed Apr 22 08:48:44 GMT 2009

hi phong,

you can encapsulate this into an action. via webfrontend everyone can 
embed the action into a page, or modify parameters if there are some, 
but no way to modify the actions content.

before building an action, you'd have a look at show.php handler. maybe 
the output of your unsafehtml.php action would be sanitized there as a 
part of teh page's content, so you had to exclude it. this would be the 
difficult task. be aware of the risk to disable safehtml farther than 
you want!



Leonidas schrieb:
> I understand enabling full html poses a security risk but would it be 
> possible to only enable it to the admin only? Is there a way the admin 
> can add certain codes or notes on a page that only he or she can see 
> and edit and the same time still allow contributors to edit the page?
> Phong K.

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