[wikka-community] Difficulties to install and to use Wikka

charles.phg at free.fr charles.phg
Fri Apr 17 12:35:05 GMT 2009


I have many difficulties to install and to use Wikka.

Installation Wikka on xampp
1. I've installed xampplite on USB Key in the directory /xampplite/
2. I've started xampp by "xammp_start.exe" or by "apache_start.bat" and "mysql_start.bat"
3. By "http://localhost/xampp/", every thing seem OK, I can use the examples
4. I've unzip Wikka in the sub-directory "xampplite/htdocs/wikka/"
5. Configuration of Wikka by "http://localhost/wikka/"
5.1 Using database "wikka" created by myself
5.2 Using database "test" existing

In both case Wikka is correctly configurated.
Tables are created in mysql.

In "http://localhost/wikka/", I can register new users, they are created in mysql.
When I log in Wikka, there's no error message but, I cannot create any page by double-click. 
There is not the "create" button in the bottom of the page.

I'm trying to install Wikka on "mini_server_21_xoops_v2", using the tutorial but that doesn't work.

Certainly, I've missed something but I don't find what.

Is there any suggestion to help to complete the install ?

Thanks for help.

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