[wikka-community] Multisite deployment

Masin Al-Dujaili masin_aldujaili
Mon Apr 13 15:03:18 GMT 2009

Hello Devs and everyone else,

any ideas concerning multi-site deployment? I were just working on the
updates for half a dozen installations -- quite cumbersome :-).

With the new plug-in functionality, multi-site deployment
capability seems to be just a few little modifications away.

As I imagine, there would be need to
* check for the requested domain
* have the capability to use different wikka.config.php

After checking the requested domain (or path) wikka.php could search for
the corresponding configuration file
at /config/tld.sld.(...).subdir1.subdir2.(...)/wikka.config.php. Or some
global config file tells Wikka which configuration to use for a specific
request (e.g. www.test.example.com & test.example.com should use the
same configuration -- but I guess, cutting the www should be part
of .htaccess).

That's the idea so far. To see how it currently works, take a look at
this modification: http://wikkawiki.org/MultiSiteDeployment

I am not completely sure, if that's really everything to consider. It
just reads the config file from a location dependant on the requested
host. And, in case the site config folder tree is missing, creates it.

Best regards,

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