[wikka-community] Cannot log in successfully

Kyle Maxwell krmaxwell
Sun Apr 5 04:05:03 GMT 2009

I've installed Wikka on a shared server (at Dreamhost) after testing
on a local system at work. This is on Linux running Apache and PHP 5. I'm
running the latest version of Firefox under Ubuntu 8.10.

The install seemed to go well in the initial configuration phases, but now
when I try to log in, I just get immediately taken back to the UserSettings
page as if I did not. I've verified and re-verified that I have used the
correct password, including checking the md5 hash manually and using the
Firefox Web Developer extension to make sure of what's getting submitted.

The Apache logs show all 200s, I've cleared all domain cookies, disabled the
use of rewrite, and still nothing. I just can't log in at all.

Can anyone give me any pointers to where I should look next? Thanks...

Kyle Maxwell [krmaxwell at gmail.com]
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