[wikka-community] Need help to disable header.php when needed.

Nils Lindenberg niehle
Thu Oct 16 15:40:42 GMT 2008

Hi Joe,

the modification you are talking about is already described on the  
page (at the very bottom). I have updated the instructions to reflect  
code-structure changes introduced in recent versions.

So please take another look at http://wikkawiki.org/FpdfIntegration  
and search for:

b) we want no header and footer, therefore change in libs/ 
add after the following code (i.e. after line 1750 if you are using

If you have applied these changes and your problem still remains,  
please leave a comment on the page.

Nils Lindenberg

Am 13.10.2008 um 21:01 schrieb Joe Young:

> Hi all,
> I have followed instructions on the http://wikkawiki.org/FpdfIntegration 
>  to add a pdf handler. The instructions are somewhat old. But I have  
> gotten the pdf handler file to work as long as there is no templates/ 
> header.php file. How can I disable the header.php so my handler  
> script works? Here is my script.
> <code snipp>

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