[wikka-community] Hello

Roman Krewer juro
Thu Oct 2 10:18:56 GMT 2008


my name is Roman and I'm a student in Frankfurt / Germany.

Phps everybody starts with "wow, great wiki..." - ok, its a great wiki :)

Now a suggestion:

How about changing 3rdparty/plugins/wikkaedit.js - line 431
        if (e.ctrlKey && !e.altKey) {   // to improve speed, we first 
check that ctrl is pressed

so... my Problem is, that AltGr+u has another function and i often use 
this, while writing text.
(for me, it is to write a german umlaut "?" because i'm using dvorak 
keyboard layout).

I think for most people it doesn't matter if the second condition is 
there or not.
I changed it in my code... and have no problems changing it again and 
again... but only if there are other people with this suggestion - it 
would be nice.

enough blabla...

looking forward reading community-messages.

kindly regards,


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