[wikka-community] community Digest, Vol 23, Issue 2

Brian Koontz brian
Sun Nov 9 05:55:22 GMT 2008

On Sat, Nov 08, 2008 at 03:15:52PM -0500, Alok Mohindra wrote:
> Hi, it looks like I fixed it by wiping the directory and doing a new
> install. For some reason this time the .htaccess file copied correctly
> from Wikka and all is well in the world. I can't wait to populate this
> with real content.


> Thanks for your help. I'm still not sure what caused the bug and may
> go back to try and reproduce it. If I am able to isolate the behavior,
> where do I submit this bug report? This is truly the cleanest and
> simplest wiki system I have ever used. I can't wait to contribute to
> the community.

We can't wait either :)  Bug reports can be submitted online at


Brian Koontz
Wikka Development Team
Systems Support and Random Tasking Dept.

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