[wikka-community] Fwd: can't logout (ubuntu+apache2)

Dario Taraborelli dario.taraborelli
Mon Nov 3 18:55:25 GMT 2008

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From: giorgio corbellini <gcorbellini at gmail.com>
Date: 2008/11/3
Subject: can't logout (ubuntu+apache2)
To: community-owner at wikkawiki.org

Hello everybody,

I have not a great experience with php but I would like to use wikka
on my server. The server OS is ubuntu 6.4 on which i have correctly
installed apache 2, PHP5 and mysql. At least i believe these are
correctly installed because I can see web pages from somewhere else, I
can see with a browser the page with all the details of  installed
version of PHP and I can create db with mysqladmin. Is this sufficient
to say that these progrmas work?

My problem is that when I install the wikka and I am logged in as
admin, I cant log out. Moreover if i create another account from
(another computer) I cannot log in with the new account (even if the
account correctly appears in the list of users that only admins can
see). The problems that I have seems to be of the same nature, that is
when I try to make logout the browser goes to a page
"xx/wikka.php?wakka=UserSettings?out=true" but dose not log out. In
the center of the page appears:

"This page doesn't exist yet. Maybe you want to create it?"

If I click on create the message I receive this:

 "This page name is invalid. Valid page names must start with a letter
and contain only letters and numbers."

As DarTar suggested me very kindly the problem seems to come from the
module mod_rewrite. He suggested me this link
http://docs.wikkawiki.org/ModRewrite. I followed all the instructions
(even if they not refer to apache2 I thinks) but unfortunately I could
not solve my problem, can someone help me? Even a link to some
webpages would be appreciated. As I can I will try to contact u via
irc too.

thanks a lot,

Giorgio Corbellini

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