[wikka-community] Help with final testing needed

ddevine ddevine
Thu Mar 20 13:41:25 GMT 2008

Brian Koontz wrote:
> 1. Did you add 'enable_version_check' => '1' to your wikka.config.php
> file?  (Remember, updating from to or between SVN
> versions do not involve the installer, so you must apply most
> changes by hand.  I recommend installing these from scratch rather than
> attempting upgrades.) 
> Couple of things to check:
Tried to enable this inside wikka.config.php and this keeps erroring out 
and will not accept it.  FWIW, I did update manually by copying all 
files except my uploads/ directory and my wikka.config.php

Anyone have an idea of what a wikka.config.php is supposed to 
look like?  Perhaps I'm missing more than just this setting...

> 2. Is the user you're logged in as an admin?  
>   --Brian

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