[wikka-community] Help with final testing needed

Raffael rjr84
Wed Mar 19 22:45:23 GMT 2008

ddevine wrote:
> Dario Taraborelli wrote:
>> 1. Grab a copy of the latest revision from the 
>> SVN: http://tinyurl.com/2uqtyn
>> 2. Install a fresh or upgrade from Wikka <
>> 3. Log in as an admin and check if you see a green badge on the 
>> HomePage or SysInfo announcing that "version 2.0 is available" (that's 
>> for debugging purposes).
>> 4. Report any issue on the mailing list replying to this message
>> Thanks for your help - we look forward to announcing the new release 
>> in the next few hours!

i updated three 1164 beta versions but don't see a green batch...
because no automatic upgrade script. but regarding the locked file,
should the upgrade page be only available to admins by default?

new install: if connection to mysql not possible: how about a link back?
or I guess, the back button should do.

green note is there. {{checkversion}} will connect to your server,
whenever an admin browses the homesite? so if all admins are logged in
and browse there homepages, you will have quite a bit of traffic...
maybe put it in recentchanges or the login page instead.

ad categorycategory: why does the page "WikiCategory" belong to that
category? I found it to be a bit confusing (you have CategoryWiki and
WikiCategory). It should be part of CategoryWiki.

Login error messages still give too much info:
Sorry, this user name doesn't exist.
Sorry, you entered the wrong password.


mac os x, mamp

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