[wikka-community] Translators needed (Localisation of wikka)

Nils Lindenberg niehle
Sat Mar 1 21:40:24 GMT 2008


you have often told us that you would like wikka to display its system  
messages and default pages in languages other then English. To reach  
this goal, one step was creating a language folder, with /lang/en/ 
en.inc.php (visible on the web here: http://wush.net/trac/wikka/browser/trunk/lang/en/en.inc.php) 
  holding all texts of wikka (except the installer) and /lang/en/ 
defaults/ where the default pages are stored.

So how does this help? Well, if you take a look into the lang folder (http://wush.net/trac/wikka/browser/trunk/lang 
) you'll see that I have created a folder for German (deutsch - de)  
containing a (at this stage partial) translation of wikka into german,  
which will be shipped with 1.1.7. Installing wikka, the language can  
be set in the config (you can try it out with the development version).

Even with two languages available, there are about 6500 other  
remaining, so we will be glad about other peoples help :) If you know  
another language and want to help, here is what you can do:

* Make an announcement at http://wush.net/trac/wikka/ticket/519  
regarding the language you would like to translate wikka into (you  
will find a list of language specific tickets there, too)

* Get the latest version of trunk from SVn or download the latest  
nightly build (see WikkaWiki.org for the links)

* open /lang/en/en.inc.php with your favourite text editor

* start translating the sentences / words you'll find there

* drop me an email or leave a comment at http://wush.net/trac/wikka/ticket/519 
  if you have a question or run into problems

Do all problems regarding localisation have been solved? Unfortunately  
not, but we have taken the next step on the road :)


PS for persons speaking german: Verbesserungsvorschl?ge f?r und  
Vervollst?ndigung der deutschen ?bersetzung sind gerne gesehen :)

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