[wikka-community] How unstable is "unstable"?

Dario Taraborelli dartar
Wed Jan 16 11:27:56 GMT 2008

Hi Krzysztof

>> Are currently existing user-contributed actions compatible with  
>> "unstable"? For example "UserAdmin", "PageAdminAction" etc. Or are  
>> they integrated?
> New features in won't be immediately available for 1.1.7  
> until they have been ported up.  This ticket (http://wush.net/trac/wikka/ticket/575 
> ) might be of interest.

porting these features to trunk should be an easy task, but as Brian  
pointed out since we are still finalizing we are not really in  
the process of moving code between branches yet.
OTOH we'll need to create default pages (AdminUsers and AdminPages)  
for the new admin modules in soon.

>> Where can I find more info on the unstable?
> At the moment, the Trac link above is probably your best bet for up- 
> to-date info.

just in case you haven't spotted this, here's the relevant summary: http://wush.net/trac/wikka/milestone/1.1.7

>> Is the unstable ready to be translated?

the structure of the language files in trunk is virtually stable and  
translation-ready (there may be a few constant name changes, but  
that's a really minor thing), so if you feel you would like to  
contribute a Polish translation of the interface strings that would be  
great indeed. All the relevant strings to be translated can be found  
here: http://wush.net/trac/wikka/browser/trunk/lang/en/en.inc.php It'd  
be great if 1.1.7 came out with a few language packs installed!
I have a few concerns about tranlating default pages, and I'm not sure  
we are ready to translate them in languages using a non-Western  
charset. Maybe Mahefa and Marjolein can double check this and see if  
it's safe to translate default page contents at this stage?


Dario Taraborelli
Wikka Development Team

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