[wikka-community] International support and differences between wakka forks

Krzysztof Trybowski trybowski
Sat Jan 12 20:58:52 GMT 2008

Hello all,
recently I've been looking for a lightweight wiki engine for my
organization (to organize our knowledge). I came across wakka and its
various forks, from which two turned out to be sensible: wackowiki and

The problem is, that both projects lack decent international support.
I'd like to be able to apply a localization pack and not worry about
any problems with translation AND national characters (diacritics).
Also I fail to see what are the differences between wacko and wikka.
WikiMatrix seems to be very unprecise in this aspect, since when it
states that something is "optional" or via "plugin" it may as well
just simply mean that "somebody somewhere" posted a dirty hack that
would do the job.

Could any of you put some light at these aspects? Is there an
international support planned for Wikka? What are major differences
compared to Wacko?

Actually I with some wakka-related project would re-unite and work
towards universal, scalable, powerful yet lightweight system. Or maybe
I'm missing something?

Regards, KT

Krzysztof Trybowski
  Gadu-Gadu: 1458144 --- Skype: trybowski
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