[wikka-community] Newbie questions - You don't have permission to access /wikka on this server

Scott Timm sctimm
Fri Aug 15 17:02:49 GMT 2008

Please excuse a question from a newbie - I've downloaded, installed, and configued WikkaWiki on my server, and everything appears to be working well. What isn't working is when I try to paste text into an edit page. When I click Save (or Preview), I get a 403 Forbidden message, "You don't have permission to access /wikka/SavingTest/edit on this server." I've checked that I am only pasting in ASCII text, so I don't think illegal characters are the problem, but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. (I don't have any problem when I type the info into the edit page - the permissions error only happens when I paste.) The permissions for the /wikka directory are 755, and I am logged in as an administrator.

Is the only way to enter text into a new page is to manually type it within the edit page? Or is there a way to paster ASCII text into a page that I just haven't figured out yet?

Thanks to anyone to can give me some help!

Scott Timm
Miami  FL
sctimm at mac.com

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