[wikka-community] Wacko resurrected?

Nils Lindenberg niehle
Mon Oct 29 17:56:02 GMT 2007

Thanks for the link! There was at least one attempt from a
german/russian user to revie it (but I did not bablefih the project
page, so I don't know).

Features which might be worth a look/try:

Flash remote backend - AMFPHP. (whatever that means)

on-the-fly correction of punctuation typos & special characters
(Typografica project) - we do have something similar, but as an

several levels of caching (backlinks, pages) bring significant
performance gain compared to Wakka (only as an option for people who
still want a faster wikka :)

extension management. Extension is a module, that can be installed
throw administrator interface, and can include actions and other


On 10/29/07, Dario Taraborelli <dartar at wikkawiki.org> wrote:
> It seems that the development of WackoWiki has been recently
> resurrected by a Russian programmer who describes the new project
> (Wacko Wiki QuickStart) here:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WackoWikiQuickStart
> It's basically a fork from Wacko with some interesting extensions.
> Too bad the official site is in Russian only, this will make it hard
> to see if there's any feature or idea that could be considered for
> integration with Wikka.
> d
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