[wikka-community] New: Wikka source code via WebSVN

Dario Taraborelli dartar
Thu Oct 11 13:27:09 GMT 2007

To browse and download Wikka's source code from our SVN repository  
you can now use WebSVN:


Version 2.0 of WebSVN introduces a few interesting features compared  
to Trac:
- a cleaner interface;
- a new diff engine;
- handlers to download folders on-the-fly as tarballs;
- RSS feeds to track file- and folder-level revisions;

You can still access the source code in the traditional way:

- via the Trac browser - http://tracker.wikkawiki.org/browser
- with a SVN client -  http://wikkawiki.org/WikkaSVN
- via nightly builds - http://wikkawiki.org/WikkaUnstable


Dario Taraborelli
Wikka Development Team

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