[wikka-community] A web-based IRC client for Wikka?

Dario Taraborelli dartar
Wed Oct 10 17:25:38 GMT 2007


Ticket ID: AJK-363174
Department: Technical Support
Full Name: Dario Taraborelli
Priority: Normal
Domain Name: wikkawiki.org

Subject: web-based IRC client


I'd like to know if you allow web-based IRC clients to be run from  
site5 hosted servers.
We currently have an IRC channel at freenode.net and would love to  
give our less techie users the possibility to connect to IRC via a  
web-based interface. We would neither be using our site5-hosted  
server as an IRC server not to run a persistent IRC bot.

I'm asking this after reading that Adam G. Greenfield of Site5's  
technical staff was suggesting using a web-based client to provide  
online support to Site5 customers in this thread:

Best wishes,
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