[wikka-community] A web-based IRC client for Wikka?

Marjolein Katsma javawoman
Wed Oct 10 17:05:28 GMT 2007


At 17:47 2007-10-10, you wrote:
>I suspect many of our users don't have a clue how to use IRC or
>simple don't know that Wikka devs can be easily reached in the #wikka
>channel at freenode.net (http://wikkawiki.org/TheLounge).

I had been thinking the same thing...

>What about setting up a web-based IRC client on our server (e.g. at
>Or do you think this may raise security issues?

Security would depend on how it's set up I suppose - but I know the 
##phpfreaks channel on FreeNode uses a (Java) client on their website (for 
registered users only) and many users come in that way. We could have a 
look and/or ask them...

Remember though that many, many hosts do not allow ANY sort of IRC (server 
or client) software on their servers. Even if there are no specific 
security concerns for us, we may not be allowed to do so.

In which case, if we really want this, we'd have to find a separate host 
that does allow this (there are hosters specialized in IRC), and point an 
irc subdomain to that host. Not impossible, but it would cost extra hosting 
$$ each month, and may require security knowledge none of us has. That 
said, there are cheap hosters that do allow IRC... try yahooing or googling 
for [IRC hosting] - those that offer IRC *server* hosting will likely also 
allow an IRC client if they offer webhosting as well - but it could be "bad 

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