[wikka-community] Category markup

Masin Al-Dujaili masin_aldujaili
Wed May 30 12:00:10 GMT 2007

Hy Dario,

Am Mittwoch, den 30.05.2007, 11:40 +0100 schrieb Dario Taraborelli:
> I thoroughly agree on this and I believe we should consider category  
> membership as something that is not dependent on linking.

That would be even better, but currently Wikka is far away from this
point of development, I guess. Being able to link to categories as part
of the categorisation process has one great benefit: copy & paste. Any
solution different to this might lose this ability. Remember: Currently,
templates might have categories which still exist after cloning. You can
copy and paste categories without any administrative tools in a very
great speed -- unmatched by any way of 'selecting' categories.

Selecting categories should only be one of multiple possible ways to
categorise. I hereby support the decision to develop a pre-storage
processor, where tasks as:
~-converting ::sig:: to the user's signature,
~-applying [[(cat)MyCategory]] to the page's category list (and possibly
removing it from the raw page source),
~-and other stuff I can't think of right now but might be worth
And afterwards, the now modified source might finally be stored in the

> The way I see it, adding a page to a category should either be done  
> via special actions or by a dedicated field in the edit screen. I  
> know some people like the idea of linking as a quick way to add to a  
> category, but I agree the current system is very poorly designed.

As far a I know, there's an input element where multiple options might
be selected (not check-boxes but via CTRL+MB1). But our Wikka has about
hundred categories -- it would be a rather longish list. For just one or
two dozens of categories selection lists might be usable, but not for
more. BTW: The same is valid for check-boxes.

> FYI the handler column has been removed from the page table in trunk  
> because it didn't make any sense.
> See http://wush.net/trac/wikka/ticket/446

Mhh, I thought of this as a way of distinction between different types
of 'rows'. Are you devs sure, you won't put it in back for some uses as
categories? We could have for any row 'MyPage' with handler 'page' a row
'MyPage' with handler 'category', where in the body the different
categories are listed. It could also have its own '/edit' handler.

Well, you guys might have some ideas about dropping it. I just thought
of it as a clean and simple way for typing pages :-)

Best regards
Masin Al-Dujaili <masin_aldujaili at yahoo.de>

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