[wikka-community] Category markup

Dario Taraborelli dario.taraborelli
Wed May 30 10:40:45 GMT 2007

Hi Masin,

a quick reaction (I'm at work).

> Sure. I'd greatly like to discuss this topic -- but Trac is  
> currently closed for us poor non-privileged freelancers ;-). Where  
> will it be discussed then?

I've sent another email to Wush and I hope this will be fixed soon.  
In the meantime development-related discussions should be hosted at  

> I think, the normal behaviour should be to just link to any page  
> without categorizing a page by accident only by putting a link to  
> another page in it.

I thoroughly agree on this and I believe we should consider category  
membership as something that is not dependent on linking.

> I like the way of giving markup additional information or  
> parameters as it is proposed for  
> PageAndCategoryDivisionInACategory. It seems more consequent than  
> the approach in #476.

The way I see it, adding a page to a category should either be done  
via special actions or by a dedicated field in the edit screen. I  
know some people like the idea of linking as a quick way to add to a  
category, but I agree the current system is very poorly designed.

As for the [[(...).......]] syntax, let's keep in mind that we are  
going to consolidate the use of bracketed markup, following the  
scheme introduced for tables: () should be used to pass parameters to  
the relevant formatter, whereas {} should be used to add style  
selectors to the element. See http://docs.wikkawiki.org/ 
TableMarkupReference for reference. Ideally this should be extended  
to different kinds of Wikka markup (links, code blocks, floats, lists  
etc.) so if we want to use something like a [[(cat)......]] parameter  
for category membership we should be aware of the above proposal.

> But for point (3) I have no right idea. The idea of TypedPages  
> might work as well as many other ideas. We could even bring the  
> 'handler' field in the page database to some use: Currently, all  
> rows in the wikka_pages table have the handler set to page.

FYI the handler column has been removed from the page table in trunk  
because it didn't make any sense.
See http://wush.net/trac/wikka/ticket/446



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