[wikka-community] Category markup

Masin Al-Dujaili masin_aldujaili
Wed May 30 10:14:38 GMT 2007

Hi Dario,

Am Dienstag, den 29.05.2007, 10:42 +0100 schrieb Dario Taraborelli:
> I've seen your new dev page for a category markup. I just wanted to  
> let you know that there is some ongoing development on this:
> http://wush.net/trac/wikka/ticket/476
> http://wush.net/trac/wikka/ticket/359
> I think we should discuss a unified proposal on (1) category markup,  
> (2) category linking, (3) category page rendering with an eye on  
> backwards compatibility before going any further with the  
> implementation, what do you think?

Sure. I'd greatly like to discuss this topic -- but Trac is currently
closed for us poor non-privileged freelancers ;-). Where will it be
discussed then?

I'd like to comment on #476:

I think, the normal behaviour should be to just link to any page without
categorizing a page by accident only by putting a link to another page
in it.

I like to have categories that don't need to begin with 'Category' --
that enables me to promote a page to a category later without having all
pages linking to it being categorized. Categorizing should be a process
of thinking, a conscient decision _for_ something and not --as in #476--
a decision _against_ categorizing. Better uncategorized then wrongly

I like the way of giving markup additional information or parameters as
it is proposed for PageAndCategoryDivisionInACategory. It seems more
consequent than the approach in #476.

#476 has a great advantage though: At least all categorizations are kept
between versions. But I'm about to change this. I'll try to write some
conversion script that will update all categories from original markup
to the markup of PageAndCategory[...] -- once working, I hope that it'll
help on using this '(cat)'-markup.

But for point (3) I have no right idea. The idea of TypedPages might
work as well as many other ideas. We could even bring the 'handler'
field in the page database to some use: Currently, all rows in the
wikka_pages table have the handler set to page. Let's think about having
category handlers. Default behaviour could be to have categories
displayed at the end of the page. We could provide a simple action
{{meta show="category"}} to have the categories displayed at any
position the user wants. Or only part of all categories. But, as this
message might not belong here on this list ...

... where did you say does this discussion occur? :-)

Best regards,
Masin Al-Dujaili <masin_aldujaili at yahoo.de>

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