[wikka-community] Wikka tracker reopens with user registration

Dario Taraborelli dartar
Wed Jun 27 08:20:45 GMT 2007

Dear all,

over the last month we have been experiencing persistent spam attacks  
against the Wikka tracker. As a result, the tracker has been locked  
down as read-only until today.

I'm happy to announce that the tracker is open again with user  
registration. I hope the extra effort required to register an account  
won't discourage you from contributing feature requests and bug  
reports which keep Wikka development active. User registration should  
make it easier to keep track of single tickets  - just add your  
username in the cc: field of a ticket you want to keep an eye on and  
you'll automatically receive email notifications on ticket change.

On a side note, I've slightly reorganized the description of Wikka  
1.1.7 to give a more precise idea of the most important new features  
it includes. You can check it out here: http://wush.net/trac/wikka/ 


Dario Taraborelli
Wikka Development Team

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