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This may be of interest to some of you.


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> From: Angela <beesley at gmail.com>
> Date: 22 February 2007 18:02:53 GMT
> To: wikisym-announce at wikisym.org
> Subject: [wikisym-announce] WikiSym 2007 Call For Papers
> WikiSym 2007
> 2007 International Symposium on Wikis (WikiSym 2007)
> Wikis at Work in the World:
> Open, Organic, Participatory Media for the 21st Century
> October 21-23, 2007, Montreal, Canada
> Co-located with ACM OOPSLA 2007
> In cooperation with ACM SIGWEB
> See http://www.wikisym.org/
> Archived * Peer Reviewed * ACM Sponsored
> The 2007 International Symposium on Wikis brings together wiki
> researchers, practitioners, and users. The goal of the symposium is to
> explore and extend our growing community. The symposium has a
> rigorously reviewed research paper track as well as plenty of space
> for practitioner reports, demonstrations, and discussions. Anyone who
> is involved in using, researching, or developing wikis is invited to
> WikiSym 2007!
> We recognize the online world is always evolving, and we also welcome
> contributions which are about other online media consistent with the
> wiki philosophy of being open, organic and participatory.
> We are seeking submissions for
> * research papers (long and short): due 7 May 2007
> * workshops: due 7 May 2007
> * panels: due 7 May 2007
> * posters: due 9 July 2007
> * demonstrations: due 9 July 2007
> Given the interdisciplinary nature of wikis, we invite contributions
> from researchers and practitioners in a wide range of fields
> including:
> * business, marketing, law
> * communications and media studies
> * computer science, human-computer interaction
> * history, political science, geography
> * information and library science
> * linguistics, discourse analysis, language studies
> * natural sciences, medicine
> Topics of interest to the symposium include, but are not limited to:
> * wiki technologies and implementations
> * wiki in the workplace; for business use
> * wiki as social software for collaboration and work group processes
> * wiki user experiences, usability, discourse analysis
> * wiki for non-text media (images, video, audio) and spatial systems
> * wiki content dynamics and evolution, wiki metrics
> * wiki journalism; wiki archiving
> * wiki reputation systems, quality assurance processes
> * wiki administration, processes, dealing with abuse
> * wiki scalability, social and technical
> * wiki and the semantic web, knowledge management, tacit-knowledge
> * wikis for specific domains (education, genomics, politics, etc.)
> * wikis written by and for small audiences (ex: family wikis)
> * wiki legal issues (copyright, licensing)
> * wiki translation and multilingual wiki content
> Research papers will be reviewed by the Program Committee to meet
> rigorous academic standards of publication. Research papers are
> expected to advance the state of the art by describing substantiated
> new research or novel technical results or by reporting on significant
> experience (including case studies) or experimentation. They will be
> reviewed both with respect to conceptual quality and clarity of
> presentation. Note that authors of accepted papers are expected to  
> attend
> the conference and present the paper, otherwise publication will be  
> canceled.
> Accepted research papers will be provided as part of the conference
> proceedings. They will be put into the ACM Digital Library and can be
> referenced as papers that appeared in the "Proceedings of the 2007
> International Symposium on Wikis (WikiSym 2007)". We invite full
> papers (recommended length of 10 to 15 pages with maximum of 20 pages,
> and a 30 minute
> presentation time) and short papers (maximum 6 pages, with a 15 minute
> presentation time). Papers should use the ACM SIG Proceedings Format,
> see: http://www.acm.org/sigs/pubs/proceed/template.html
> Workshop and Panels submissions will be reviewed and selected for
> their interest to the community. A submission should consist of two
> pages describing what you intend to do and how you meet this
> criterion. It should include a 100-word abstract and one-paragraph
> bios of all people relevant to the submission. Workshops will be
> allocated a half-day or a full-day and a room of their own (depending
> on your request). Panels will be given a 90 minutes time slot and a
> room of their own.
> Poster submissions will be reviewed on their merits and may describe
> research projects or experience reports. A submission should consist
> of two page extended abstract outlining the content of the
> poster. Successful applicants will be invited to bring a poster for
> display at the symposium. Posters must be flat and within 1mx2m in
> size.
> Demos will be reviewed based on their relevance to the community. A
> submission should be one page in length, with a title, a short
> description of the demo, as well as a description of any special
> technical needs you may have (ex: wireless connectivity).
> Please submit your papers or proposals in PDF format by the respective
> deadline through our submission system, which will be available
> through the WikiSym website. Questions should be directed respectively
> at papers at wikisym.org (research papers and practitioner reports),
> workshopsandpanels at wikisym.org (workshops and panels), or
> demosandposters at wikisym.org (posters and demos).
> The 2007 International Symposium on Wikis will be held at the Palais
> des Congr?s in Montreal, Canada, October 21-23, 2007. A special hotel
> rate has been negotiated at the Hyatt Regency Montreal. WikiSym 2007
> will be co-located with the ACM OOPSLA 2007 conference, and
> participants may register for the symposium alone, or may jointly
> register for WikiSym and OOPSLA 2007. Registration is handled through
> the ACM OOPSLA website: http://oopsla.org/
> If you have any questions, please contact Alain Desilets through
> chair at wikisym.org.
> Alain D?silet, NRC-CNRC, Canada (Symposium Chair)
> Robert Biddle, Carleton University, Canada (Program Chair)
> Phoebe Ayers, U. of California Davis, USA (Wikimedia Liaison and  
> Publicity)
> Angela Beesley, Wikia / Wikimedia, USA (Posters and Demos Chair)
> Mark Bernstein, Eastgate Systems, USA (Panels and Workshops Chair)
> Ward Cunningham, Eclipse Foundation, USA (Honorary Chair)
> Ted Ernst, Open Space World (Open Space Chair)
> Andrea Forte, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA (Publicity Chair)
> Dirk Riehle, SAP, USA (Treasurer and Corporate Sponsorships)
> Peter Thoeny, TWiki.org and StructuredWikis LLC, USA (Web Master)
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