[wikka-community] Float Right problem on IE7

Will Merrell will
Sat Feb 10 18:46:02 GMT 2007

Its the horizontal problem.
Its supposed to float to the right with some body text filling in on the 
left side. On IE7 it shows spread all the way from left to right with 
the body text pushed below the float box.

As a test, I took a snapshot of the page so I could play with the css. 
One solution that sort of fixed the problem was to add a width to the 
floatr css rule. That caused IE7 to render it the same way as the others 
rendered it. The problem with that solution is that then all right 
floats are the same size.

You can look at the problem at http://www.xtrkcad.org. The float in 
question is the "Useful Links" box.

--Will Merrell
--on behalf of http://www.xtrkcad.org

Dario Taraborelli wrote:
> Hi Will,
> does the right-floated box spread across the whole page horizontally  
> or vertically?
> If the problem is that the page doesn't adjust  automatically its  
> height to contain the box, then you just need to add a clear:
> ::c::
> at the end of the page to correctly clear the floats.
> If the float spreads horizontally then it might be a problem with the  
> stylesheet.
> Any public URL we could take a look at?
> Best,
> Dario
> On 10 Feb 2007, at 16:42, Will Merrell wrote:
>> I am working with a group that is using wikkawiki. I have noticed a
>> problem with a float right box we are using. On IE7 the box spreads
>> across the whole page. On Firefox and Opera it works as I would  
>> expect.
>> Has anyone else seen this?
>> Is there a fix or workaround for it?
>> --Will Merrell
>> --on behalf of http://www.xtrkcad.org
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