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Dario Taraborelli dartar
Tue Feb 6 08:43:27 GMT 2007


a faster way to obtain support is to pop by on our #wikka IRC channel  
at freenode.net.
There is currently no official development for a thumbnail feature,  
but it does sound as an interesting enhancement (maybe you could open  
a ticket on our tracker: http://tracker.wikkawiki.org, mentioning  
also caption support), but to work properly this feature requires  
that GD libraries be available on the server, which we cannot assume  
by default.

The development version of the {{image}} action (to be released with  
Wikka 1.1.7) lets you specify a CSS selector:


this allows much more flexibility than simply specifying a right/left/ 
centered alignment.

Hope this helps.


On 6 Feb 2007, at 00:40, Reid Serozi wrote:

> I didn't get a response. Is this list serve active?
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> Subject: [wikka-community] Enhanced Image Question
> From:    "Reid Serozi" <reid at serozi.com>
> Date:    Sun, February 4, 2007 10:03 am
> To:      community at wikkawiki.org
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> Running Wikka Wakka Wiki - before I go down the path of my own
> development, has someone else perfected a thumbnail enhancement and  
> wrapping
> text around the image?
> http://wikkawiki.org/EnhancedImageActionInfo
> If I could vision the perfect action (sorry if I have my syntax  
> incorrect
> for adding images):
> {{url="image.jpg", right, thumbnail, alt="Paintings"}}
> right = image on the right side of the page with text wrapped on  
> the left
> thumbnail = create a default sized thumbnail, click for the bigger  
> version
> on another page
> thanks!
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