[wikka-community] Fwd: wikkawiki and rpath

Marjolein Katsma javawoman
Wed Aug 15 19:47:55 GMT 2007

I poked around the rpath site (and wiki) a bit and I must say it sounds 

However, I wouldn't know how to begin, as at least Linux seems to be 
required, which I don't have installed anywhere (and won't have for a 
while). That would also make me pretty useless as helper in such an 
endeavor although I'd like to see Wikka join the list of OSS appliances.

At 16:47 2007-08-14, Dario wrote:
>Begin forwarded message:
>>From: "clive darr"
>>wow and many thanks for all your hard work
>>i've been using wikkawiki for ages on
>>www.osde.info and www.fsse.info
>>would you be (or know anyone) at all interested in helping
>>to create a wikkawiki rpath software appliance ?
>>rpath is very interesting
>>and a great way to publicise you application and run it on
>>the amazon cloud, xen & vmware
>>asterisk, joomla and wordpress are already there - i'd like
>>to see wikkawiki too !
>>i'll try and give IRC a go in the future
>community mailing list
>community at wikkawiki.org

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